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Chrome Hair Salon Point of Sale Software South Africa

All Programming's flagship product is its hair salon software system called Chrome. Chrome offers a complete shop management system with specialisation in the hair salon, hair dresser, nail boutique, barber and beauty salon industries. Our software is available country wide.

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Chrome's claim to success is in its ease of use and absolute focus on client loyalty and retention in the salon. But before we explain that in detail, here's an idea of what the normal things are that the program can do:

  • Point of sale, invoicing, discounts, credit notes
  • Appointments
  • Reporting both by stylist and for management
  • Accounting
  • Salaries and loans
  • Client management
  • Loyalty system
  • Marketing system
  • Voucher handling (cheapest in the country by far)
  • Petty cash handling
  • Interfacing with till drawers, barcode scanners, barcode printers, thermal printers and magnetic card swiping machines.

We mentioned before that we give very special focus to client loyalty and retention. So how do we do it, well we make use of a combination of sms, email, built in loyalty and rewards systems. We know that sms is very well received in this country, so at the very least we require a cell phone number and name of a client as basic information about a client in order to proceed with a sale to a new client. From that moment onwards we will be able to make special offers, give rewards for loyalty etc. It only cost you a clients name and cell number, not even half a minutes work and you will be able to send personalised qualified messages to clients to bring them back in the store.

To do a sale to an existing client is just as simple, simply type in there cell number, swipe there loyalty card (we can supply these and they are used as gift cards) or if you really have to, type in their name.

Once a sale is complete, your client will get notified of how close they are to receiving a reward, you never know they may just buy another product to receive their reward there and then.

You can setup a journey that the system follows in order to entice clients that haven't been in the store for a while back in again.

Send birthday reminders and give something back to the client on their birthday, in our experience this works like a charm.

We left the absolute best for last and this is probably the most important thing for your business, all smses are tracked in the system. i.e. each sms gets a unique id that the client must quote in order to incur the discount or promotional offer. The program will automatically give the discount etc according to the sms id given by the client. Now you know 100% what percentage of clients came back and used the birthday promotion, what number of clients were interested in a specific promotion etc. NO MORE GUESS WORK. This is revolutionary.

Hair Salon POS Costs:

Ok we lied the best has been left for last. Because we are the new kids on the block, we have come in at a crazy price

For just R 4 500, we will install, train and support you for a year.

To be honest this according to our calculations our hair salon product is more than R 7000 cheaper than the market leader. If you think our price is reflective of a lower quality product, we suggest you contact us today for an obligation free demonstration to learn just how wrong you really are.


We want to get this product into the market in mass as quickly as possible. We need your help in order to do it successfully so to entice you to help us we are going to give you discount. Refer any 3 other hair salon owners information to us and we will give your program to you for R 3 000 only. Thats a saving of R 1 500.00 in addition to the R 7 000.00 we already know the program is discounted by. Are you interested? Send an email to

Are you already an existing client. Well we have something for you as well. Provide us with the contact information of other ahir salon owners that you know need a system and if just 2 of those contacts become clients, we will give you your yearly licence fee for half the price, In other words you will only pay R 1500.00 for your next licence fee instead of R 3000.00. This entitles you to updates and support for a full year and works out to R 125.00 per month.

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