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Custom Windows Mobile software development

All Programming is excited to be able to offer Windows Mobile development services to its clients. By simply looking at the phenomenal success of smsing in this country, it is obvious that cell phone technology and business systems will have many synergies that can be exploited.

Windows mobile is a technology used on windows based Smartphone's and cell phones. With this technology we can develop customised software that allows your business to become mobile.

Typical examples include, logging sales information away from the office, allowing management to view the most important company info via there phone anywhere in the world.

Windows mobile development is an excellent tool when used in conjunction with websites specifically designed for Smartphone's, for instance your company has an online customer relationship website that all employees make use of. We can develop a Smartphone specific website that works in perfect harmony with your main CRM system or any other web based system, the bonus being that the application will work on any cell phone and even the new iPhone.

Other examples of where a windows mobile device is used is in warehouse stock counting, stock loading etc.

There are almost no limitations to what Smartphone's can do, anything a windows program can do, we can get a Smartphone to do with windows mobile software development.

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